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It’s one thing to embrace technology. It’s quite another to make it part of you.

Imagine a world where your smart phone begins to realize that it’s smarter than you are. That is reality in the year 2027. The amount of data generated by electronic devices is overwhelming humankind and devices are becoming more advanced by the month. New York City neurotechnology researcher Dr. Garrett Harper’s invention, the Temporal Chip, offers humanity’s last best chance at staying one step ahead of artificial intelligence, and it’s the hottest property of the 21st century. Garrett’s research is funded by NeuroTek, a biotech conglomerate. Garrett knows that aligning with a giant like NeuroTek is a tricky move, but he's committed to keeping humanity one step ahead of machines...by any means necessary. Sure enough, the closer he gets to a finished version of the chip, the faster tensions between his ethics and NeuroTek's ambition escalate. In the midst of this storm, his personal life becomes a complicated tableau of visceral impulses, undying loyalty, undiluted realism, true love, crossed boundaries and embattled faith, which leaves Garrett at odds with those closest to him: his wife, April, and their dear friends, the couple Reynard and Renata. NeuroTek threatens to eradicate what Garrett cares about most unless he repositions his research in a new direction that violates everything he believes in. The other options on hand are equally unappealing, but at this point everything depends on his choices. And so he chooses. Before he knows it, the chip is more intimately entwined with his life than he ever planned——and Garrett is left wondering which will destroy him first: NeuroTek…or his own invention.


Celia C. Peters

a multidimensional media experience
a fantastical science fiction series 
©2010  All rights reserved. WGA registered.

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In a world built on order and tradition, Allevon wants to choose her own destiny. Is that so wrong?

In a distant world, two glaring suns shine over a harsh landscape of high-tech beauty. In the gleaming City that sits under those suns, Allevon is facing the season of Transformation---the time when she must relinquish her individual power in order to evolve into the next phase of life. Proud, rebellious Allevon completely rejects the harsh traditions that society has in store for her kind and she vows to transform her way…or not at all. If she doesn’t get it right, custody of her soul goes to The supremely powerful Populous, who will lock her soul  in a box and eventually recycle it…or tear it apart. The Populous has ruled with a cruel and ruthless hand---with a top priority of maintaining the traditions that Allevon spits on. The Populous, who is desperate to keep control of the City, has zero tolerance for renegades and is more than ready to dispose of Allevon.  

Allevon is armed with a rebel’s spirit and the belief that love will save her. The Populous is strapped with tradition, absolute power and the iron will to hold on to both.  Secret agendas, false friends and unexpected allegiances reveal themselves as Allevon tries to make her way to Transformation…and in the midst of all the madness, her time is running out. In the end, Allevon will have to make a choice: freedom (and certain death) on her own terms or sacrificing herself in order to stay alive.

Allevon is a multimedia science fiction series created especially for the Web 
writer | director | producer 
Celia C. Peters
a high-tech science fiction series
©2011  All rights reserved. WGA registered.